With Advance Royalty Company, you qualify for oil and gas investment financing more easily and with as little as $10,000 monthly revenue from your existing assets and oil royalties.


Our loans are in-house. This means you can have a proposal developed in as little as 10 days rather than the traditional 90 days. This allows you to capitalize on oil and gas investment opportunities quickly.

Asset Leverage

The Advanced Royalty Program factors in 100% of the projected value of your oil and gas producing assets and provides you funds accordingly. Traditional receive-based lending only offers 30% or less of the actual value of the asset.

Price Risk Management

With us, you sell a small portion of your future production to finance your oil and gas investment — essentially removing any risk from your transaction.

Tax Treatment

With the Advanced Royalty Program at Advance Royalty Company, you can write off additional interest should commodity prices increase.


Rather than requiring all of your oil and gas investments as collateral, we only require the producing asset we are lending for — protecting your other assets.

At Advanced Royalty Company, we believe we are the logical next step after evaluating an asset through Enverus (formally drillinginfo.com). With us, you get the benefit of an alternative financing vehicle to RBL’s that gives a higher LTV, the ability to get financed if you have $10k in monthly revenue or higher, and the removal of near-term price risk on your cash flows. With Enverus, you get all the information you need to make an educated business decision. With ARC Rock Capital you get access to the capital you need to expand your portfolio.