Our Exclusive Mineral Rights Royalties Program

At Advance Royalty Company, we understand you may have questions when it comes to mineral rights. With the ARP™ program, your family can use the financial benefits of mineral rights ownership without divesting their future value.

Learn more about what makes ARP™ a sound alternative to selling your mineral rights below.

Maintain Your Mineral Rights Ownership

With more than six decades of combined industry experience, our team knows what mineral and royalty buying firms use to offer you tempting lump payments that ultimately cost you your assets. What makes ARP™ different is that it gives you the power to control your mineral rights in the ways that make sense for you and your family. Not to mention, you retain ownership of your valued asset.

Never Sell Mineral Rights

ARP™ sounds simple and straightforward, right?

At Advance Royalty Company we will position you to no longer have to worry about your mineral rights prices for the period of your transaction – forcing you to track oil or gas prices.

Whether you’re looking to protect your land’s value or leave a legacy for your family, the ARP™ program makes sense for you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to give up your future benefits in order to reap their benefits now. Advance Royalty Company helps you protect the rights you earned.

Ask About Our Mineral Rights Royalties Program

It’s time to give yourself more financial control by using your mineral assets. Contact ARC today to see if this program makes sense for you.  

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