Are there any risks associated with ARC transactions or contracts?
We have structured the Advanced Royalty Program to ensure the whole process is as beneficial as possible, without the traditional risks of mineral rights financing. Simply choose your terms and accept your lump sum. We handle the rest.

To be honest, my royalty stream is not all that impressive. I’m afraid my checks won’t be significant enough to cover a lump sum payment. Is this a problem?
At ARC, we’ve worked with individuals whose mineral rights were what you would call “on the small end.” Fortunately, the  Advanced Royalty Program was designed to help owners of all types. No size of royalty stream is too small for us to be able to offer you a reasonable lump sum payment.

I can see my family maybe needing more than one lump payment for our rights in the future. Is this a one-time deal only?
No. Actually, we’d consider it a reflection of our commitment to service if you returned to us for future financing opportunities. We’ve structured the Advanced Royalty Program in such a unique and beneficial way, we’d be surprised if you didn’t take full advantage of its advantages again and again.

Are there any upfront costs for the evaluation of my assets?
No. Again, we wanted to make the Advanced Royalty Program as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Therefore, we never charge any fees for royalty or mineral rights analysis or valuation. We want you to fully appreciate all the financial benefits your land offers.

Find out all you need to know about our unique funding program by contacting the ARC team now. We promise a prompt and friendly response delivered by a courteous and knowledgeable mineral rights value expert.

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